7 Apr 2017: Carolyn, USA

Every trip has been perfect. Each person of the staff is thoughtful and helpful. Thank you.

7 Apr 2017: Paul & Claire, UK

Very hard to think of one particular experience since the whole trip has been out of this world. We are particularly grateful to the crew for making such a fuss of us on our honeymoon. This has to be the best choice for any dive-loving newly weds (or about to be weds). What an amazing trip. I honestly can't fault anything/anyone. This is a very special experience in a mind-blowing part of the world. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon amazing. We have had a wonderful time. Thank you! Boat: beautiful vessel, very well maintained. Great balance between excellent amenities and providing a cultured/romantic environment. Diving: the best diving I have done. The knowledge of the guides is second to none. World-class dive sites, like diving in a fish tank. Crew: every single member of crew is amazing!! Professional, friendly, attentive. G and Lisa run a great team. Joni was an exceptional guide, his knowledge and safety made us comfortable from the first dive. Massages from Wenton and Wayan were fantastic. Food: wow! I can't imagine how it could get better the chefs onboard were incredible. What awesome food!

7 Apr 2017: Rebecca, USA

I'm full of gratitude that I was able to experience this trip on the Arenui. One of the best trips of my life! Thank you very much! Boat: cabins are luxurious, clean and well-stocked. Rooms tidied twice daily - very nice! Diving: no words to describe the wonders of the sea. Food: great effort by kitchen staff to accommodate my requests.

7 Apr 2017: Claudette, USA

Have already a trip booked in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Boat: excellent. Diving: great dive sites. Crew: all were fabulous. Very attentive and helpful. Food: excellent presentation and preparation.

7 Apr 2017: Laura & Mark, USA

Arenui has spoiled me for dive trips. No other liveaboard will come close to providing the quality of service and outstanding dive sites. Can't wait to come back in April of 2018. Boat: I love this boat so much - it will be hard to ever do another liveaboard. Please build an "Arenui II" for a different area of the world and we will come! Diving: excellent dive spots - each and every dive, I got to see something new and unique to the area. Crew: I can't believe how wonderful your whole staff is, especially Lisa and G. They work and act as a family and have made every friendly effort to make us feel at home at the Arenui. Everyone deserves a raise!! Food: excellent.

7 Apr 2017: Lori Ann, USA

Seeing the abundant reefs and masses of fish in Raja Ampat for the first time is an experience I treasure. Clearly the best dive environment I have ever experienced. Going from that to Mandarin Fish and then muck diving provided an incredible variety of experiences. Can't wait to come back! The design of the boat is beautiful and the crew could not be more helpful. It was so nice to not have to drag my tank and weights around; so nice to have help getting wetsuit on and off.

7 Apr 2017: Fay & Steve, USA

It was 2 years ago, we asked friends for recommendations for a diving trip of a lifetime, my husband and I assuming it would be our last dive trip. I was turning age 70, had begun diving age 65 and we had both recently retired! Indonesia was the top recommendation, a dive shop owner in Arizona suggested, and we were soon introduced to the Arenui! How fortunate for us: ALL expectations exceeded; the boat, the cruise directors, the crew, the accommodations, the food and a boat filled with new friends. Dive sites were unbelievable, no words! Never in my life did I expect to experience such an awesome experience in all aspects! This trip was created for us as "our trip of a lifetime" and it FAR EXCEEDED our expectations! I could never dreamed of more exceptional diving - the diversity is AWESOME. The staff of the Arenui: ALL ARE AWESOME. I have never encountered such a staff committed to customer service. EXTRAORDINARE! They also work non-stop. Boat: awesome. Diving: awesome. Crew: awesome. Food: awesome.

7 Apr 2017: Denise, USA

I'm looking forward to many more trips with the Arenui and the crew! Boat: excellent. The crew does an exceptional job with details. Always ready to assist any guest need, from getting coffee to a warm towel after diving. Diving: excellent. I had to rent a BCD due to my error. I loved the rental and will be buying one when I return. Lisa worked very much on trying to get me the proper weight and buoyancy. She was a delight to dive with. She made everyone feel at "home". Crew: the crew is one of the best I have seen on a liveaboard. Again they made sure all guests were happy and always asking what other thing they needed or wanted. Food: Outstanding quality and variety of food.

7 Apr 2017: Marie, USA

It was truly an amazing experience! Everyone on the Arenui made our trip a most wonderful experience. We will tell our own dive friends about the Arenui! Thank you!!!

7 Apr 2017: Christine & Pat, USA

Lisa and G are the greatest!! And Idy was an awesome dive guide. This was our second trip aboard the Arenui and it was exceptional. We have since booked more trips in years to come. Every single member of the crew has made us feel comfortable, safe and tremendously happy. There is attention to detail and meeting the needs of every guest, all while providing a breathtaking view of the beautiful underwater world. All the dives are led by knowledgeable divemasters with keen eyes and the ability to highlight the creatures unique to the area/dive site. The chefs and kitchen staff prepare delicious meals and provide wonderful flexibility for those with specific dietary needs. The Arenui not only provides its guests with a truly awesome diving experience but it also provides a relaxing retreat from a busy world. A heartfelt thanks to every member of the Arenui team for offering us such a memorable vacation!

23 Mar 2017: Ethan, USA

This was a great trip and I am glad I was able to make it! Boat: the boat was fantastic. Diving: excellent. Crew: Couldn't ask for better! Food: Excellent.

23 Mar 2017: Katie & James, USA

A big shout out to G and Lisa for being amazing cruise directors. Crew: BEST CREW!!! Idy is the greatest divemaster we had the pleasure to dive with. He is attentive, safety orientated and knowledgeable. Anto and Kadek made our dining experience a total joy. Food: Excellent, very yummy! The kitchen staff was wonderful even about little things like no garlic in my vegetables ;)

23 Mar 2017: Shaun & Darlene, USA

Darlene worked on a liveaboard before and she would have loved to work with a crew of this calibre. Boat: georgeous boat, awesome room, exceeded expectations. By far this is the best boat we have ever been on. Diving: best diving I have seen in years. Crew: directors Lisa and G were very friendly and informative. Very well organized, always felt like we were in the best hands. Stewards Anto and Kadek were very attentive. Loved Anto's sense of humor. Divemasters and tender drivers were friendly and fun. They are clearly having a good time and it's infectious. Food: Excellent. great food in massive quantities.

23 Mar 2017: Pauline & Nadeem, France/USA

We will be back on Forgotten Islands, or Komodo or this trip again - with the same CREW! Simply stunning trip! One of my best adventures ever! And something to remember all my life. The boat is gorgeous, the crew is exceptional. Boat: when I dream of a boat, I dream of Arenui. Rocking music of the wood, its beauty, comfort, everything. Diving: not just excellent, PERFECT. Lisa is a wonderful divemaster! Perfect dive plans always, awesome sense of humor, always showing lots of things we would otherwise never see. Crew: PERFECT. It's the whole TEAM, i.e. everyone together, who is outstanding. Same crew as 1.5 years ago (almost)! That says a lot. And the guests can appreciate the excellent atmosphere! Food: delicious! Too much, but wonderful!

23 Mar 2017: Pierre & Gerda, Austrian-Swiss

Thank you for a wonderful time. It was very relaxing while busy. Great excursions to the look out and CAVE and diving was wonderful. Boat: the most luxurious boat I have been on. Well thought out cabins with ample storage. Diving: great guides, they know the sites and marine life. Very good briefings. Crew: a great crew, very attentive and always anticipating our needs. It was nice to see familiar faces (prior trip 2015) and the crew seems to really enjoy what they are doing. Food: excellent food. Exceptional!

23 Mar 2017: Ginny & Frank, USA

As always the experience from booking to each day on board to departure could not have gone more smoothly. Arenui has managed to deliver the best of all worlds. Unforgettable. Lisa and G are magic together - what a pleasure to spend time with them again. Boat: wonderful experience all around - I just LOVE this boat and operation. This is my idea of a PERFECT dive vacation. Diving: fantastic diving - dive crew was amazing - everything it was "supposed" to be and more. DMs are truly excellent at their jobs as are the tenders. Everyone is friendly - but attentive to their jobs. DMs were great at making sure everyone saw the "special" things. Awesome! Ronald was our guide this trip and he is amazing. Great at finding critters - managed the dives well - a good mix of fun and safety. Crew: fantastic crew. Everyone super attentive and friendly. Lisa and G run a perfect blend of hospitality and professionalism. The crew works well together. Lots of joking around but never at the expense of being ready for whatever was happening. Incredible! What a GREAT crew! Food: perfect! Loved how they accommodated anyone who needed it. Great variety. Excellent taste - don't know if I looked forward to the meals or the diving more. Together it was heaven!

9 Mar 2017: Jenny & Billy, USA

I can't say enough about Billy's and my time aboard the Arenui! We are SO happy we took this trip with you all. You should be quite proud of the service and quality you provided us. Boat: the boat is so well-appointed and amazingly hand-crafted that I found new and beautiful parts to look at each day. The dive area for prep made it so convenient to get ready and gather all necessary gear, while allowing plenty of room for everyone. Diving: each dive site was unique and full of so many interesting animals and coral. I thought after every dive that it could not be topped, but they kept getting better! Crew: Debbie is a joy, a wonderful manta advocate and a diligent biology conservationist. I have grown to respect, admire and really enjoy her talks, advice and commentary! She was so very helpful throughout the trip! Idy was the best divemaster I've ever had. The crew OUTSTANDING. Food: I am a picky eater and thought everything was amazing!

9 Mar 2017: Cynthia, USA

A great boat and crew. Fabulous diving. Only good things to say. Absolutely NO negatives. Great dive directors/crew. Debbie is the BEST :) Boat: A++ for everything.

9 Mar 2017: Janet & Ramsay, USA

Ramsay and I enjoyed our first Arenui experience in June 2013 so much, we came back! We were not disappointed! The Cruise Directors - Debbie & Jerry - are the best we've ever had. Professional, fun and totally engaging. If we come back I would hope to have them as directors. Our last dive - Wednesday March 8 - Pulau Wai. We were waiting for mantas - I turned around to look behind us, in case they were coming from that direction and Ronald our divemaster, had taken off his fins - put them on his hands and was pretending to swim like a manta - he actually DID look like one and made us all laugh under water! What a great guy!! Boat: our second time on the Arenui!! Hopefully our last. As before - the boat was the epitome of luxury liveaboard travels. Clean, roomy, safe and fun. Diving: wonderful diving!! Debbie & Jerry did a great job of getting us to our dive sites, giving great briefings - and making our dive experience memorable and one we would like to do again. Crew: our divemaster - Ronald was wonderful - attentive, always aware of where we were, what was going on around us and looking out for our safety and comfort as well as making the dive experience as exciting and interesting as possible. We will never forget - "masks on!" "position, position!!" "1 - 2 - 3 - go!". Great fun! Food: excellent and plentiful food.

9 Mar 2017: Michelle & Mike, USA

While everything on the boat and everyone make for the prefect trip, I have to say Debbie and Jerry bring an amazing energy to the picture! It is infectious and spreads outward to the crew and guests. It was all extraordinary. Very grateful. Diving: I love diving again! Thank you! Crew: very special crew. Unbelievable service and FUN! Food: extraordinary.

9 Mar 2017: Sue, USA

Diving: briefings excellent! Crew: stewards excellent!

9 Mar 2017: Noel, USA

This was my third time on the Arenui. It is by far one of the best liveaboard experiences in the best part of the diving world - Indonesia. I've been to Bali/Komodo twice and thought diving couldn't be better until I dived Raja Ampat! Diving: the best I've seen!! Crew: crew couldn't do enough for us! They were fantastic!

9 Mar 2017: Jerry, USA

Boat: best and most beautiful boat in the world! My 10th liveaboard and the Arenui is head and shoulders above the rest! Diving: best diving I've ever done and I've been diving for 50 years. Got to snorkel and play with two mantas on the surface. Biodiversity and health of the reefs the greatest!! Crew: could not be more helpful, kind, courteous, solicitous and attentive!! Every one. Food: my belly had gotten larger.

9 Mar 2017: Diane, USA

Loved the goodie bags passed out. Very classy - and what a wonderful memory to take home (the video). I can't wait to return!! would highly recommend this "gem" of a boat to ALL! Diving: been all over the world and the diving in Raja Ampat is way up on the top of my list! Crew: they are the best of the best. Keep every one of them! Food: five star!

25 Feb 2017: Caroline, USA

Outstanding trip. Parting gift was a very nice touch! Boat: first class accommodations! Plenty of hot water. Comfort was excellent. Pillow variety was a great touch! Diving: the scouting was very much appreciated. Extra effort to ensure we saw the best. Well worth the price! Crew: first class crew. Always standing by to assist with any desire no matter how small. Above and beyond every single day. Food: variety was excellent. Every effort made to please every single guest.

25 Feb 2017: Anon, USA

Love this boat - best boat I've ever experienced, well thought out! Loved going to the cave, the hike/view and the village to see the kids, very special. Kudos on labeling towels and small pillow and large pillow/person - very clever. Excellent showers and a good place to put legs for shaving - not just a boys boat! Excellent storage space in room, very functional, great hooks. Five flights from the US and I was thinking "I hope this is good" because it is a LONG way to come - worth every minute to experience Raja Ampat on the Arenui. The service and attention to detail on deck and the expert dive guides made it a pleasure to spend 12 days on this boat - my first 12 day liveaboard ever and I was concerned 12 days would feel too long - NOT so on the Arenui! Also, the way the divers were put into 4 groups was really excellent. If you love the ocean and learning (great educational talks) above the creatures in the ocean, this boat is for you. Diving: the best I have ever seen: variety, awesome reefs, sharks coming back, giant mantas. Crew: spending time with Jerry and Debbie was awesome - first time I have met them and I love their energy and passion for diving and wow, what a crew they run - great team, great energy between the crew. The guys that helped with dive deck were just outstanding. Food: really appreciated Anto and Kadek and how they worked so hard to customize menu for each person and create unique menu for each guest.

25 Feb 2017: Michelle, USA

Simpy put - the best liveaboard experience in our near 20 years of diving! Loved the crew and the way Jerry and Debbie made all of us feel like family! Can't wait to be back onboard for Komodo in 2019! Boat: by far the best dive boat we have ever been aboard! Spacious rooms, clean beyond words and an overall great layout.

25 Feb 2017: Pete & Diane, USA

We had an exquisite trip. Exemplary crew/staff. Diving was wonderful. Crew/staff so much attention to detail and comfort for the guests. We would definitely rate our trip 5 stars plus. I could go on and on about how terrific our experience has been. My advise is - come aboard, you'll love the experience.

25 Feb 2017: Natasha, USA

OMG, no question, the BEST diving, service and boat I have ever been on. Spoiled me for all other liveboards. You all are doing everything right! Thank you.

25 Feb 2017: Elias, USA

Thank you thank you thank you. For the sambals. For the long dives. For the MMF support. For the friendship. For the memories. For next time. Crew: your staff is uniformly excellent.

12 Feb 2017: Leslie, USA

We had a wonderful time. From the moment we came onboard, the crew could not do enough for us. Anto and the kitchen staff were incredible, and Debbie and Jerry and all the crew were truly outstanding. Thank you for a trip that we will never forget. Boat: we loved Rama and would stay in that cabin again. We also thoroughly enjoyed our time in the restaurant and on all parts of the sky deck. We especially loved dozing on the lounge chairs after dinner. Diving: amazing! Mantas, sea horses, whale shark, schools of fish, gorgeous coral. Need I say more. Crew: between Anto, Debbie and Jerry, every single one of our needs was met. We were treated incredibly well, as well as all the guests, and had a dive trip we will never forget. Food: as vegetarians we had an incredible list of options and the chefs always made us delicious food. The food was abundant and amazing. The beverages were also great.

12 Feb 2017: Mira, USA

Please see comment regarding Debbie and Jerry on Andy's feedback. In short, without them I would not have had the best holiday ever! Snorkeling: as I am not a diver I expected to be reading for 11 days with occasional dips in the ocean while my husband dove. With Jerry and Debbie's enthusiastic support, I wound up snorkeling and spending more time in the ocean than I ever have in my life (giving that context, I grew up in Miami and now spend summers on the beach). The fish were simply spectacular and Jerry always made sure I had a perfect spot to safely hang out with them. I may never dive but snorkeling again with Debbie, Jerry and the Arenui is definitely on my bucket list. Loved learning about mantas! Who knew? Thanks to Andrea from us both!! Little note on Jose - he was great taking the time to point out fish from the reef book. Loves his work! Talk was wonderful and informative. Crew: A special shout-out for Agun, the snorkeling expert, who gave me a few special tours by jumping in the water, grabbing my hand and escorting me to places to which I would have not have ventured on my own. It was as if he was showing me the hidden neighborhoods of his hometown. Turtles…sharks…every fish imaginable , large and small. Thanks Agun!

12 Feb 2017: Andy, USA

Debbie and Jerry were lovely people, filled with enthusiasm and clearly in love with their jobs. The boat was run efficiently and we felt like royalty for the entire 11 days. Boat: loved Shinta cabin. Spacious, tons of storage. Beautiful windows and lovely decorations. Great value relative to price of other cabins on boat. Upon our return, we'd only stay in Shinta or Rama. Diving: diving was spectacular! Crew: Phari was a wonderful dive guide and I appreciated being with him. Not only did he perform the traditional dive master role, but he also took extra effort to instruct me on improving my buoyancy and general diving. Debbie and Jerry were the best! Food: food was great, although there was certainly a lot of it.

12 Feb 2017: John, USA

Wonderful Cruise Directors - Debbie & Jerry.

12 Feb 2017: Clara, USA

Wonderful trip! The "small details" have all been anticipated and attended to on this boat, as well as the obvious big stuff! Superb organization and response to needs. Boat: I love the wood (all re-used/re-claimed) and the art work throughout the boat. Cabins very comfortable. We were in Ganesh and had storage space beyond our needs!! Pillows were great - 1 soft and 1 firm for each bed - what a lovely plan!! Sky lounge was lovely with canopy. Diving: wonderfully planned locations/great manta sitings (the goal of this trip). Itinerary was flexible to keep up to best manta ray opportunities. Crew: All staff/crew were helpful and friendly. The Steward and Wayan and Wenton were quickly aware of preferences and needs, very helpful. Even could tell when someone needed extra help. The leadership of the Cruise Directors was amazing (Debbie & Jerry). It feels like everything has been thought through, extremely well-run boat, limits were clear and presented in a fun way to boot. There was no question about safety preparation and we all knew about evacuation plans immediately. Jose - with his knowledge of fish/creature identification always expanded our dive experiences by siting with small groups to identify and talk about fish and their behaviors. Good library available. Food: I always had gluten free choices - thank you!! Food quality was large, but ½ portions were available. And we were all amazed at how hungry we were for each of the 5 eating times!

12 Feb 2017: Kathy & Sheldon, USA

You continue to provide premiere service and attention. The entire experience from beginning to end is superior to other cruises we have taken. Keep up the good work and hope to see you all again soon. Thanks for sharing. Diving: we were always well advised of dive site and conditions. Dive master Joni was especially attentive to our group's levels and needs. Crew: top notch Cruise Directors - you could not ask for better - Deb & Jerry are an awesome team. As noted dive master especially attentive on dive and after - all dive masters pitched in. Anto is a treasure, he makes every individual feel special. All the service from therapists and their many duties was the best - they were always available and helping.

12 Feb 2017: Cindy, USA

We returned to the Arenui with our friends after having a fabulous time in Komodo four years ago. The Arenui experience is unlike any other liveaboard and it is truly exceptional. Having Dr Andera Marshall on this trip was just the "icing on the cake". She gave a great talk about the mantas, and her enthusiasm for them is truly contagious. Everyone onboard enjoyed seeing the mantas and trying to get ID shots for the MMF. The whale shark sighting put the trip over the top! Crew: once again Jerry, Debbie and all the crew were superb. Food: food was very good.

12 Feb 2017: Darren, Canada

Boat and especially the crew amply fulfill luxury/boutique/exceptional personal service mission - jobs well done!! What an exceptional week of diving!! Several extended close encounters with giant and reef mantas topped off with an unexpected whale shark! Wow! Exceptional personal service throughout the trip, this boat and especially the crew really delivered on their goal to make our second trip as special as the first! Diving: fantastic consideration of conditions regarding selection of best daily site choices = deep knowledge and experience. Crew: extremely well trained crew, working tirelessly to make trip exceptional and flawless despite usual challenges.

12 Feb 2017: Steve & Sarah, USA

Many wonderful experiences. A surprise visit by a whale shark was magical. When we were at a giant manta cleaning station the crew helped me hook in so I was nice and close to a manta. I will always remember being eye to eye with this majestic creature!! Boat: bed was very comfortable. Beautiful boat and state rooms. Diving: felt very safe with Phari. He is very skilled and we appreciated him spotting critters for us. Crew: I have been on many liveaboards (8-10). My experience on the Arenui was top notch - the best yet. Service could not be better. Phari learned our dive preferences and needs which enhanced our experience. Cannot say enough good things about Anto. His dedication to his guests - admirable. Everyone seems happy and all the smiles and joking around was infectious.

12 Feb 2017: Deb, USA

Love the family atmosphere and couldn't have wanted for more. Especially interesting were the expertise of Andrea and Jose. Enthusiasm of everyone rubs off and makes it a fun experience.

12 Feb 2017: Mark, USA

Outstanding trip.

30 Jan 2017: Name, USA

I am spoiled now. This sets the bar that other dive liveaboards must reach. When I return to dive Indonesia, rest assured it will be aboard the Arenui. Planning on coming back 3-4 years from now. Telling fellow divers this is the "only" way to dive Indonesia. Please feel free to luxe me with specials! Boat: very comfortable bed! Wish shower was more powerful. Diving: Wishing for more large fish encounters. But the number of fish and different types was awesome! Crew: G is a mad scientist. He could fix anything. Joni my divemaster was very calm and knowledgeable about the sites. Awesome massage. Stewards and tenders were the best. Anto is delightful. Everyone knows your name, your equipment. Best dive experience.

30 Jan 2017: David, USA

Really enjoyed the boat. G and Lisa are great! Boat: bathrooms are great for a boat! Thanks so much. Love the sink in the room. Would definitely recommend to friends. Diving: loved to see the healthy coral! Soft corals are amazing. A great place to visit and dive. Crew: must leave some room for improvement, but they really were all great! Cruise directors excellent. Can't complain about that at all!

30 Jan 2017: Ainara, Spain

Raja Ampat es un paraiso pero el equipo del Arenui incrementa más el valor del viaje. Han ayudado a hacer el viaje muy especial. Barco: El barco ha sido muy chulo y cómodo. No hemos echado nada en falta. Quizás una ducha en la parte de arriba sí que se podría poner. Buceo: Ha estado genial. Muy bien organizados para ver todo tipo de peces, corales, etc. Tripulación: Han estado especialmente pendientes de TODO lo que hemos necesitado. Además de ser súper amables y divertidos. Comida: La comida ha sido excelente y muy variada en cada comida, todo muy RICO.

30 Jan 2017: Darrel, USA

Awesome trip, worth the time and money, loved variety of dives (soft coral, hard coral and especially muck). G was helpful. Enjoyed Jose's presentations. Phari was awesome DM and Anto is the best. Wenton and Wayan were great.

30 Jan 2017: Eric & Lori, USA

Looking forward to 2019! Boat: wow! Really impressed. Diving: I really liked the detail of the briefings! Crew: not only did the things go smoothly that we SAW, but everything we DIDN'T SEE went smoothly also. The Cruise Directors were both FRIENDLY and EFFICIENT. Food: Excellent.

30 Jan 2017: Anon., USA

When I was asked to go on this trip, I hesitated due to cost… But I am glad I came… And would come again! Boat: outstanding! Diving: beyond description - our first week was incredible!! Crew: everyone was great. The spirit and attitude of the crew was incredible - this comes from the top - Lisa and G make this boat and trip over the top special! Food: food was good but way too much. Loved the fresh fruits and veggies!!

30 Jan 2017: Namdar, USA

The ultimate liveaboard and dive experience. Worth every dollar. The dive locations rich with abundant sea life and varied even with dive multiple times at the same site. Boat: The cabin attendants do a great job. Really nice eating upstairs. The cabin decorations and layout is excellent. Diving: Lisa is really good at finding and showing the different sea life at each dive site. Tender crew are excellent at safety and do an amazing job with everyone's dive gear! Crew: Lisa and G set highest standards for themselves and the crew. I enjoyed my massage. Food: Anto and crew are the best. Very attentive and accommodating. Excellent services!

15 Jan 2017: Name, Canada

Trip of a lifetime, the staff were wonderful.

15 Jan 2017: David, Canada

Everything about the cruise and the diving was fantastic. The inclusion of the marine biologist (Jose) and the education he provided was a huge value added.

15 Jan 2017: Shirley, Canada

Really liked diving at many different sites. Anto and Kadek were great. Wayan and Wenton were lots of fun and so helpful getting ready to dive. Thank you to the chefs, food was great.

15 Jan 2017: Dave, Canada

The diving was everything we had hoped for!! The staff were all attentive, friendly and loveable. You've got a great team! Your attention to detail is appreciated and is above the norm. Divemasters and Cruise Directors attention to safety was EXCELLENT and clear. Diving: all excellent especially briefings and safety.

15 Jan 2017: Don & Penny, Canada

The complete trip was beyond what Donald and I expected. Thanks Lisa and G for making us part of the Arenui family throughout our short visit with you. The afternoon talks were wonderful and very informative. It is good to know how things "roll under the ocean". Diving: wow! Crew: everyone went out of their way to make this "the best vacation and dive experience ever". Food: Awesome - glad I packed the elastic stretch band pants!

15 Jan 2017: Ann, Canada

Excellent value for money. A big thank you to our divemaster Jose - he always made me feel at ease with the diving. He was my dive partner for Yuliet (since Jamie was sick) - I loved Jose's enthusiasm for the marine creatures, I found it contagious! :) He made sure there was some "aquarium" diving since I am fairly new at this - a big hug and thank you for this! I really enjoyed his lectures - please keep going with that. I think future guests will really enjoy it! I would dive with him anytime! Diving: I always felt well informed about the dive sites. Was amazed at the amount of marine life! Crew: everyone friendly! Dive trips explained in great detail. I enjoyed the friendly relationship between crew and guests. Food: yummy food! Loved trying new things and flavours. Thank you for accommodating half portions.

15 Jan 2017: Paul, Canada

Would go anywhere with you.

15 Jan 2017: Judy, Canada

I missed a couple of days of diving because of some congestion, so I missed seeing the giant manta rays. Lisa made a point of asking G to see what he could do to find them on a dive he lead us on. I hadn't asked her to and appreciated her being so thoughtful! We didn't see any but not for lack of trying. That's great service! Thank you! Boat: beautiful boat, beautiful detail. Crew: crew is top notch. G and Lisa are wonderful. Jose gave great presentations. Anto is a real gem. Food: great food. Steak was incredible.

15 Jan 2017: Wayne, Canada

Overall excellent experience! Lisa and G are wonderful people. Anto was very kind and a true pleasure. Beautiful fruit carving made for us. Truly wonderful staff on this boat! Very pleasant and helpful staff. Everyone! Interesting and informative talks from Jose.

2 Jan 2017: Stephen, USA

We will be booking again as soon as possible! Not really concern about where - Arenui ANYWHERE will be a quality experience. Boat: the room was nicer than ANY hotel room we have stayed in! We had plenty of storage space and camera table space. Diving: the crew was knowledgeable about the locations. Phari was good at finding things and tailored the dive profile to the skill level of the group. Good job! Crew: G and Lisa were great! They were attentive to guest needs and worked hard to please everyone. All of the tender drivers were careful with divers and it was clear that safety was most important. I enjoyed having Jose on board, the biologist knowledge was great! Anto was fantastic as a steward - he knew exactly what we wanted! Food: meals were EXCELLENT and varied. We liked the mix of Indonesian and Western food.

2 Jan 2017: Yelena, USA

My best vacation so far! All excellent. All crew is very dedicated and efficient. It's a perfect team. The food is so good and fresh it is hard not to overeat sometimes!

2 Jan 2017: Andrey, USA

Boat: this trip was organized well beyond my greatest expectations. Lisa and G were very thorough in briefing and helped a lot in many detailed things. Jose did an amazing job in his part. Overall, thank you very much for this unforgettable journey! Diving: dive sites were very well chosen! Great attention was paid to safety. Tenders were quick and professional. Rental equipment was good. Crew: Splendid job! Food: Food quality was exceptional!

2 Jan 2017: Jocelyn, USA

The diving, services and staff made this the most memorable trip of all liveaboards I have had the pleasure to be on. This trip was extraordinary because the diving is one of the best in the world. We had the pleasure of having 2 professional photographers on board who made several presentations that exceeded expectations and shared their knowledge with us. We got the recommendation from a previous client who raved about the trip. Everything they mentioned from hot towels after a night dive to level of service was spot on. I would recommend this trip to dive enthusiasts. This part of the world is very special and you and your staff and crew made it the best and most memorable trip of a lifetime. Thanks to one and all! Boat: very good having so many tables and outlets for photo equipment. Also appreciated wide variety of books for reference. The staff serving the meals were excellent. Anto and Kadek were attentive and professional. Service could not have been better. Diving: Jose very accommodating and an excellent divemaster. Appreciated his knowledge of dive sites and fish. Felt very safe diving with the staff and Jose. Tender drivers were excellent and equipment always ready for the next dive. Crew: Very professional and organized. From a client perspective the Cruise Directors made it all look seamless. The planning of the dives and dive sites were excellent. It was good to have a couple of excursions to break up diving. Anto is the bomb! Kadek also deserves praise and special mention. The staff taking care of the cabins made returning to the cabins special. Food: The preparation and variety of food was excellent. Master of being creative and food quality was top notch.

2 Jan 2017: Christine, USA

Your service is outstanding and you are exceptional. I can't even compare Arenui to any other liveaboard. It was my birthday while on Arenui - your staff made a cake for me and it was very special. Thank you! Dear Luigi, build a nice hotel in Sorong! Boat: excellent, all areas were kept clean and neat :) Diving: great briefings - well defined, excellent. Outstanding dive sites. Jose was excellent, helped to identify fish to photo - well versed. Crew: all excellent. Anto and Kadek were very accommodating and an asset to your organization. Tender and deck help was outstanding! Food: Excellent! Thank you for the birthday cake!

2 Jan 2017: Darren, USA

Ronald is amazing! All the crew worked very hard to ensure we all had a great time. Food was so good!

2 Jan 2017: Fiona & Alan, UK

Despite the whaleshark, mantas (at 4 sites), reef sharks, solar powered nudi, dolphin (during a dive), mobula rays, various pygmy seahorses, bumphead parrot fish, huge schools so many other fish - my favourite thing was an octopus out of its hole, moving across the reef, punching fish and spreading itself across anything that got in its way. A fantastic 12 night trip in Raja Ampat - thank you. All really excellent, outstanding. All crew were fantastic especially the stewards. Lisa and G are truly excellent. Thanks everyone :)

2 Jan 2017: Tony, USA

The Arenui - boat and staff - have lived up to the rave reviews given by former guests. This was our first liveaboard and we have been spoiled/pampered to the point that other boats are going to be very inadequate by comparison. Anto has provided excellent service as have really the entire crew. Special appreciation for the tender drivers and dive preparation attendants who made sure all of our equipment was ready to go. G and Lisa have done a great job overseeing the whole operation and it really was a trip of a lifetime.

2 Jan 2017: Cindy, USA

I can't say enough good things about the entire crew: service-oriented, friendly and attentive. They went out of their way in every situation. As an example, my husband and I have relatively new BCDs. Early in the trip the handles broke off all 4 weight pockets. It could have been very dangerous if we needed to dump weight. G fashioned an ingenious solution, drilling holes in the remaining plastic and inserting a string. He insisted on doing the work himself. After that we dove carefree as the solution worked brilliantly. The Arenui is not just a dive boat, it's an experience. From the moment we were picked up, we were well taken care of. Accommodations are outstanding. Lisa and G went out of their way for us time and again. Boat: gorgeous boat that will spoil us for any other liveaboard. Beautifully and very thoughtfully planned and executed. Every space made good use of. Appreciate all the storage in rooms. Diving: it's what we came for and did not disappoint. In fact, it surpassed expectations. Dive preparation made easy by excellent crew. Crew: everyone was both friendly and service-orientated. They anticipated our needs and went out of their way to be helpful. I can't say enough good things about the crew. Uniformly excellent! Food: food was good and chef brilliant at being creative. Would have liked more salads or cold choices for lunch.

2 Jan 2017: Catherine, USA

Amazing dive experience! I also want to include commendations for the guys that help with our wetsuits - Wayan and Wenton. They always have a smile and a hand to help with gear. Every crew member has been incredibly sweet, gracious and helpful! Thanks for the best vacation ever! Boat: loved it all. This was better than any resort I have stayed in (including 4 Seasons in Maui). All beautiful. Diving: the dives were all wonderful. The worst dive we did this trip was better than anything I recall at most other resorts. Our divemaster Phari did an excellent job of accommodating skill level and also had a great eye for small creatures. Always felt safe. Crew: it feels like any words to describe the care provided by the crew fall short of expressing my true regard. G and Lisa were very knowledgeable and so patient with us. Jose was a great asset to the dives - provided great information about the entire natural system. The tender drivers did an excellent job, they were always nearby, helpful, did a great job picking their way over the swells, etc. I am truly grateful for the cabin boys, chefs, etc. Food: best food I have ever had at any resort, dive boat, etc. Not enough superlatives ;)